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Guest Service Associate




The Guest Service Associate worker receives orders and serves food, and maintains the dining area in sanitary condition.


1. Prepares all menu items using established departmental policies and procedures.

2. Assures presentation of all menu items adhere to established standards.

3. Assures all menu items are prepared according to established policies and procedures.

4. Assures all food and other departmental supplies are ordered and received in a timely manner so adequate inventory levels are maintained to support volume or anticipated volume.

5. Assists with the training of new employees.

6. Assures menu items are prepared in sufficient quantities to satisfy volumes.

7. Performs other related duties as required.

8. Provides services to cafeteria customers in a friendly and efficient manner.

9. Serves food in proper pre-determined portion sizes.

10. Serves food that is the correct serving temperature and quality. Any substandard quality food must be brought to the attention of the food and nutrition manager and properly discarded.

11. Sets up, maintains and breaks down cafeteria stations.

12. Receives deliveries when assigned.

13. Develops and maintains adequate food/supplies, orders as required.

14. Cleans cafeteria including serving area continually.

15. Cleans cafeteria area before and after business hours.

16. Maintains appearance of all equipment and serving counters.

17. Performs basic cashier duties, to include: Operating POS terminal; receiving payment; issuing receipts and change due; counting cash drawers to begin shifts; greeting guests and answering their questions about menu items, procedure or policy.


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