The Buona Story

The first Buona Beef opened in Berwyn over thirty years ago. Patriarch Joe Buonavolanto Senior took a second mortgage on his home to fund it, and dug the foundation for the restaurant himself, with two of his five young sons in tow. The entire brood chipped in as the restaurant gained a steady following. The original Italian beef recipe was concocted by Joe's wife Peggy, with the help of their Uncle 'Junior', proprietor of Chicago's iconic Mr. Beef. The process is painstaking, and ardently adhered to by generation after generation of Buonavolantos.

The family's belief in themselves and each other paid off – over the years, the group has expanded to over 20 locations, and their growth plans are aggressive. Joe Senior's five sons each worked their way up from serving customers and washing floors to running the key functions of the organization. The atmosphere in the executive office is harmonious, as love, respect, compassion, and pride are the core values that unite the brothers, and the Buona family of employees. While the menu has expanded, the original beef recipe has not been compromised, and for the three generations of Buonavolantos who are active in the company, compromise and quality are never uttered in the same breath. The family's devotion to each other, and to the family legacy, has created a powerful brand that is true to their parents' founding principles.

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