Italian Beef

The story of Buona starts with beef and ends with napkins (lots of them) … and a smile. Our story is one of respect: for quality, for details, for tradition. And it continues to be told around kitchen tables and in company lunch rooms throughout Chicagoland. To understand Buona is to understand our proud history, meticulous preparation, and (of course) how to order.

Italian Beef History

At the dawn of the 1980s, the Buonavolanto family brought Italian beef to the suburbs of Chicago, where the gravy-soaked bread and super-thin sliced meat had delighted celebrants and workers for decades.

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How It's Prepared

Season. Sear. Slow roast. Hand trim. Layer. Repeat. While our menu has expanded greatly, our original beef recipe has not been compromised. Always great, all-natural and no additives.

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How to Order

Don’t be caught off guard. Tell us how much gravy, if you’d like your peppers hot or sweet, or if you’re feeling a bit cheesy for your beef. We can also teach you how to order the real Chicago Italian beef.

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