Saucy Italian Beef Sandwiches
Category: Buona news

Buona, the famous Chicago-based restaurant chain, is adding two new variations on its Original Italian Beef Sandwich, which it has dubbed ‘the Cheesy’ and ‘the Saucy.’ As Don Buonavolanto, one of the company’s founding brothers explains, “Despite our growth, our focus is still on finding new ways to bring our family recipes to yours; which is also why so many of the menu items – including both the Saucy and the Cheesy – feature Buona family recipes that have been passed down from generation to generation.”

Starting February 28, all 26 Buona locations will add the Cheesy and the Saucy to its permanent menu. The Cheesy option starts with a base of gourmet pub cheese spread, which is then topped with two layers of shredded cheddar cheese and two layers of Italian Beef. As for the Saucy, this sandwich consists of provolone cheese layered with Italian Beef, melted mozzarella cheese, and a housemade marinara sauce.