Buona Beef Bites

Traditional deep-fried rice balls, stuffed with our signature Italian beef, gravy, cheese, and giardiniera. Topped with grated parmesan cheese and served with our house-made marinara for dipping.

Cheddar Cheesy Beef

Loaded with sharp cheddar cheese sauce, our signature Italian beef, and another layer of shredded cheddar. This sandwich guarantees a cheesy bite every time.

The Saucy Beef

The saucy beef starts with layers of melted mozzarella and marinara
in-between our signature Italian beef, then topped with extra marinara and grated parmesan.

Side Mild Giardiniera

Our Chicago-famous, house-made giardiniera blend.

Charbroiled Italian Sausage Sandwich

Charbroiled Italian sausage with house-made marinara or our award-winning gravy on fresh Italian bread.

This char’s for you, Chicago.

Meatballs Marinara Sandwich

The family meatball recipe + house-made marinara nestled in fresh Italian bread.

Fair warning, you’re going to need a napkin.

Gravy Bread

Fresh-baked Italian bread soaked in beef gravy.

Side Hot Giardiniera

Our Chicago-famous, house-made giardiniera blend.

Side Sweet Peppers

House-made sweet peppers.

Buona Beef

Our family perfected recipe: slow-roasted Italian beef, spiced just right layered on fresh Italian bread.

Yeah it’s famous, now pick up your jaw.