The New MYBUONA Rewards Club is here and it’s 100% app based! This means you can pick and choose your offers, scan your barcode on the app for your points, and add your rewards to your online orders easier than ever!

it’s easy as a click

Download as a new user and get 1500 points to use on anything!

Scan your app
for easy point adding

Log in to your account or create a new one to begin earning rewards with every purchase you make at any Buona!

Choose how you're

View your rewards options and redeem your rewards to your account before purchase.

Your rewards

The more you buy the more points you get! Each Tier increases your points with every purchase.


Every point gets you closer to the next tier where you can earn more points with each purchase including exclusive tier perks!


You gotta start somewhere! Get 10 points for every $1 you spend.


You are good as gold! Get 11 points for every $1 you spend.


Rockstar status! Get 12 points for every $1 you spend.


You are officially a Buonavolanto! Get 13 points for every $1 you spend.

...redeem points to get your faves

Don't forget to redeem your Reward before ordering!

Watch below to learn how to redeem rewards on our app

Watch below to learn how to redeem rewards on our website

side or dessert


side or dessert

premium sideor dessert


premium side
or dessert

any kids’ meal


any kids’ meal

7” buona classic or any sandwich


7” buona classic or any sandwich

any bowl or pizza


any bowl or pizza

any pasta or salad


any pasta or salad

new app, new rewards

Earn points for every dollar you spend

earn more points with each tier

refer a friend for more points

you choose
your rewards

celebrate with a birthday reward

new members receive a reward at sign up

questions? we’ve got answers

Check out these frequently asked questions.

what is changing?

The app is improving to expand on our current benefits of the program to offer YOU more. Our previous program was limited to the $5 dollar offer. This new program allows us to give you exclusive offers and discounts.  

Will my account
information be the same?

Following 5/20 you will have to reset your password.

Will points transfer over?

Yes, absolutely! So long as you have a completed profile with an email address provided.

can i save receipts to
get points later?

Unfortunately we will NOT be able to honor or process rewards points from 5/3/21 to 5/20/21.

How do you assign your rewards to your account?

Once you are logged into your account, go to Redeem Points. Your redeemable offers will be highlighted and you can click to add one to your account. This must be done PRIOR to ordering. Save up for bigger items or redeem as you go.

What if I only have a
phone number?

If you only have a phone number with your account, you will need to go through the new customer registration process. During registration please use the same phone number from your previous account. This will transfer your past account points to this new one.

2500 points got removed from my account. Why is this?

This is most likely your Birthday reward that is sent out the week of your birthday! It comes as 2500 points automatically put into your account and is removed automatically after 14 days. You can redeem this reward in store or online! 

I am having trouble loggin in?

Please follow this link to reset your password. If you continue to have issues please contact us at MyBuona@Buona.com

Do I need the app to use my rewards?

You do not need the app for the rewards but it is the easiest and most effective way to see your rewards and redeem them. You do need a fully registered account that has an email address. You can also log in online at https://buona.myguestaccount.com/guest/accountlogin to assign your rewards to your account. Your reward must be assigned to your account before making a rewards purchase.